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So a while back I made a theoretical list for Imperial Guard for Warhammer 40k. As of now, my Imperial Guard army is predominantly horde. It consists of lots and lots of foot troops and has a very small mobile armored element. While I actually enjoy playing with my horde, I feel like the troop blobs could use a little more support than I currently offer them. Thus this theoretical list is more of a "goal" list. Its the type of list I want to have, and it will provide direction for future Warhammer 40k purchases. Comments are, of course, more than welcome.

As for tactics, I like to advance. Sadly guard advance slowly. This list is designed to advance to maximum effectiveness. Demolishers and infantry advance in mutual support. Chimera's stay behind the lines and issue orders and utilize the Chimera to respond to armored threats that close with the infantry. Alternatively, they can be used to spearhead into the enemy and take out long range armor. The hellhound, likewise, responds to unarmored threats or removes enemies off of objectives. The sentinels are designed to outflank into the battle to target side and rear enemy armor, thus forcing the enemies most devastating weapons into either risking destruction or turning away from the main assault and risk destruction from the Demolishers.

Of course, critique and suggestion are always welcome.

Here is the list )



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