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Ok, so I've encountered a problem.  My new video card has no VGA output.  This in itself is not a problem, as DVI and Displayport are better anyway.  What makes this a problem is that my monitor only has VGA and HDMI inputs.  So I am left in the conundrum:  buy a DVI to VGA adapter or buy an HDMI cable.  On the one hand, picture quality on the HDMI would be better, but the VGA input would give me better refresh rates.  Both are important for gaming.

As a side note, this reminded me one of the reasons why I'm a PC gamer and not a console gamer.  TVs have refresh rates sometimes as high as 120Hz, but HDMI only recently, with HDMI 2.0, has the ability to support 60Hz refresh rates (or 60fps).  Otherwise you're probably looking at around 30Hz (fps).  Monitors refresh at 60Hz standard.  VGA, DVI, and Displayport are all capable of 60Hz (fps) refresh rates.  Given the graphical strait of games and the power of your video card, a good in-game fps rate is probably around 40 (although for budget gamers 24 is about where things no longer look "laggy").  So, even though your TV can get the same resolution as my monitor, I still, as a PC gamer, have a higher refresh rate than is possible for a console gamer to achieve.  I also don't have to worry as much about gimmicky "this TV gets 120Hz refresh rate!" even though you can't get enough bandwidth to support even half that.

On another side note.  DVI cables are waaaaaay overpriced.  That is all.
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