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Well I got back from San Diego last night.  I was fairly disappointed with my presentation.  Not that it wasn't well received or that I didn't do a good job with it, rather, almost no one was there to hear it!  By the end of the session there were literally only three people who weren't part of the panel left.  As such, there was almost no discussion, which makes it hard for me to gauge where my work sits with the rest of the academic community and such academic isolation can be a real bitch.  On the bright side, there was one person who came to the panel specifically to hear my talk.  It turns out she studies space tourism.  So I did get to do a little networking.  But I will still have to present the work at another conference so it doesn't get isolated from the field.  Oh well.

In terms of the rest of the conference, it was a lot of fun.  San Diego is such a cool city, and I finally got to have some really good Mexican food (no such thing in upstate NY or New England).  Went to some parties where I got to mingle with some very influential people in my field.  Also, the President of my professional society (the society for the social studies of science, or 4S) threw a party that got so rowdy that the police had to break it up.  Who says academics are stogy?!

All in all it was a good conference.  Unfortunately, now I'm back in the real world, and I have a lot of catching up to do on work I didn't do while I was in San Diego.  Oh well, such is life.



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