Feb. 3rd, 2014

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After waiting a very long time to upgrade my computer to the point where I could play bioshock infinite decently, and then trying to find time to play it, I have finally beat the game!  And I must say, it was excellent.  The tone for most of the game is pretty lighthearted, but at time takes some serious turns.  All around, it isn't as dark as the first game was in Rapture.  Partly, I'm sure, because Rapture was already in ruin by the time your character sets foot in it in the first game.  In Infinite, you walk into a "thriving" city.  To be honest, although its interesting how the city changes over time in Infinite, I preferred the darker setting to the first Bioshock.  The other interesting difference is Elizabeth, your sidekick of sorts.  I must say, normally I develop a huge crush on these sorts of characters (for example Alyx from Half Life 2), but this time I didn't.  I think it was a more paternal feeling of a need to protect and provide for.  Whether this is a result of my aging or a subtle difference cultivated by makers of the game I don't know, but I liked it (I like to think it was the developers and that I'm not old enough to feel all paternal about stuff yet).  Over all, a good game, excellent actually, but not quite as good as the first Bioshock, which is still one of my favorite games of all time.



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